An idea that started evolving in 2007 with modesty, deriving from the need of both teachers
and students to deepen into the artistic part of Dance.
It gave us the means to express ourselves and our love for dancing
and strengthened the relationship between choreographers and dancers, dancers and audience.
Now then it is an institution with a minimum of three presentations
per year and a considerable fan club.
Our workshop includes all styles and types of dance as long as
the artistic and technical standard achieved are satisfactory.

Our choreographies are the result of class work, perfected in order to achieve the best artistic presentation.
In June 2010, besides the workshop's presentation we had for the first time a "change" in roles:
The dancers became choreographers themselves and using class material created their own artistic work,
experimented with space and lighting, saw after their costumes and danced!
In May 2012 the choreography workshop accomplished its role:
in collaboration with the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Patra, within the institution named “Patras’creators”,
meli@ct - the professional dance group of the school – staged the dance project “Flashback” in the municipal theatre Apollon.
“…Twelve dancers and two choreographers coming from the same place in different time periods
meet each other to remember …and create. A flashback in the artistic path of a “space”
through its choreography workshop joins the past to the present
and gives the inspiration for a game with “time” and “ timing “ as a research of the movement
in depth sinking into the personality of both choreographers and dancers …”

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