We moved Dance Academy in our own premises in 2000.
The history of our building reflects that of our city.
The drawing is attributed to the renamed architect Noubar
who designed it in 1925 by order of the well-off raisin
trader Sotiropoulos.
The merchant's desire was to install his business
in the basement that gave to Ermou str.,
the highly commercial street of the central town
and to live with his family in the rest of the manor house spread in
three floors with entrance from the mall that communicates with Karaiskaki street.
It was a typical sample of that period where
many of the buildings named "neo-classics"
had two faces and two entries,
one that gave to a commercial street and
a second one that gave to a calm pedestrian precinct.
The manor house was completed in 1932.
It was highly luxurious with rare luxuries for those years
as central heating and water heater!
The big veranda of the 3rd floor had a view to the sea
and to the green hill of the town named Dassilio.
Sadly the first owner died soon after the completion of his dream.
His widow sold it to the well known microbiologist Hristos Tsaltas
who based there his laboratory as well as his workshop
as an amateur painter and sculptor that he was.
After he died, his nephews and nieces inherited the building
that was abandoned until 1995 when bought by his recent owners.
It is classified as a "listed building" of the town in all,
meaning that both entries as well as the interior
must be preserved as they were originally built.
The building today: The Dance School

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