Diplôme Barre Astié

The "Barre Astié" Diploma is patented internationally and there are already
the first qualified teachers who teach the "Barre Astié" method.
The qualification is prerequisite in order to teach "Barre Astié" and
the Association Barre Astié only has the right to graduate it
(marque déposée –cadre international-classe41).
It concerns an educational program leading to a high standard of knowledge.
It is delivered in Athens by Mr.Alain Astié himself and is completed in one or two years after students ‘ choice.

It encompasses six units developed in:
  • Eighteen days of intensive study.
  • Six essays.
  • The final exam – run by Mr. Astié - that leads to the acquisition of «Diplôme Barre Astié» and award of the title "Barre Astié Teacher".
Fees are paid per unit during the period of study.

The first education program 2011-2012 has been accomplished in 2012.
The second one is scheduled for 2014.
The official organizer for Greece is Mrs Eleni Balafouti.
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The Barre Astié Teachers in Greece

The book of this method:
It was published in 1990 in France under the title “The Grammar of the bodies” and was translated in Greek in 2011.
It includes the exercises of the first level and analyzes the fundamentals of the Barre Astie technique, gives instructions about how to apply it depending on the physique of the student and advice on the pedagogy and adaptation of the method to a variety of individuals – various age, physical awareness and ability.
Grammaire des corps- Auteur:Alain Astié, ISBN : 2-9504592-1-8
Γραμματική του σώματος- Revised version: Ελένη Μπαλαφούτη, ISBN:978-960-93-3755-7

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